Group of teachers from Maharashtra visited Singapore to improvise standards of education back in their schools. De Ideaz started this initiative to act as a bridge in enriching India's education system with Singapore’s best practices.

Entire group of 40 teachers from various districts of Maharashtra went through two extensive workshops conducted by Educare in Singapore. The workshops were based on The Teacher Leader AND Transforming Learning for the 21st Century. The workshops provided platform for teachers to think differently and have innovative perspective into their schools.

Xin Min Primary school welcomed the group and extended their support by taking teachers through the infrastructure and facilities. The teachers got a hands-on experience on the various facilities such as classrooms, library, staff room, music room, etc.

The teachers and students of Global Indian International School also gave a warm welcome to the teachers group from India. They showcased student interactive seminar on the best practices implemented by GIIS on various topics such as Alternatives of Styrofoam, Best Practices, Kindness Movement and Green Curriculum.

Teachers then had a customised National Library tour and got exposure to rich collections of books and reference materials.

Teachers also visited NEWater Visitor Centre wherein they were exposed to various Water Efficiency Management plan, Recycling methods and environment friendly ways of utilising used water. It was an eye opener for the group.

They also enjoyed fantastic buildings and landmarks of Singapore such as Marina Bay Sands - Sky Park, Esplanade, Science Center, Sentosa, Madame Tussads, MRT rides, Orchard, Chinatown that provides a nice combination of eastern and western world.

Teachers left with indelible mark of Singapore and its Education system that will stay itched in their memory and practice back in Maharashtra.

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