IIMPACT 2019: Life 4.0

IIMPACT 2019: Life 4.0

August 17, 2019 to August 17, 2019

08:00 am to 10:00 pm

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Level 4, Roselle-Simpor

Life 4.0 is inspired by Industry 4.0 as we move into the era of  Cyber Physical Things. What will  change in the way we live, work and think professionally and personally? How do we get prepared for this new future?

Hear expert perspectives and inspirational stories of people making a difference .

 Planet 4.0 – We may live to a 100 but will the Planet survive that long? What should Governments, Organizations, and Individuals do to create a better sustainable future?

Money 4.0:  How will we earn it, save it and spend it as life expectancies increase? Will anything change for the underserved populations?

CyberSecurity 4.0: How do we protect our financial assets, protect our ideas, and keep our personal life private? 

Work & Family 4.0: How do we prepare for the workplace of the future. With more women in the workforce,how will family roles evolve?

Singapore 4.0: How will our little red dot continue to lead the world into Life 4.0?

Get ready to be informed and inspired at IIMPACT 2019’s LIFE 4.0! Get ready to make a difference personally and professionally!